DISKO (2018)

Artist: Mick Ness
Label: studio frog
Format: CD, Digital
Released: 2018
Genre: Electronic, Rock, Pop
Style: New Wave, Art Rock, Avantgarde

A concept album based on a story about polar expeditions of the early 20th century. DISKO is a name of an island in Greenland which was important transit point for those expeditions to the North Pole. 
A gloomy yet positive melancholy in the lyrical new wave sound tells a story very much like a road movie. A successor of the first album on his own label “Madhouse Promenade”.

1 Birdskin Shirt
2. The Big Nail
3. Compulsion (written by Joe Crow)
4. Disko
5. The Big Lead
6. Western Sky
7. Huk Huk
8. Yesteryear
9. Shadow Dial